About 5 Star Finishes

When we at 5 STAR FINISHES see your project, we are as excited as you are! Our mission is to create a satisfying experience for you, not simply by delivering a final product, but also by evoking an entire lifestyle of elegance and contentment. Within the paint and plaster industry at present in Canada, there are limited options and products available to consumers. Few companies are willing to competently provide services that fulfill your desire for quality custom work which is both beautiful and durable.

Your business or home décor provide the opportunity to showcase your individual, exquisite taste. 5 STAR FINISHES can help you create an experience which is uniquely different. Nothing is rushed, overbooked, or done simply for profit. We pride ourselves in doing each job properly, giving it due time, care and concern for longevity and the clients’ needs.

Trevor Manton of 5 STAR FINISHES was introduced to paint and plaster as a young teen growing up in Richmond, British Columbia. He learned from his father, a master painter, to perform his work impeccably. Having a keen interest in the Sciences, he went on to earn his degree in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry from Simon Fraser University. With a desire to travel, Trevor moved to Australia, where he learned about Venetian plaster from a French artisan. It was completely eye-opening to learn of a whole world of interior and exterior decorative options, far superior to paint and concrete stucco! Trevor earned a certificate III in solid plastering and together with the French artisan and a local tradesperson skilled in drywall and solid plaster, a team was formed. Later they went on to cultivate many techniques and finishes which were introduced to the mainstream market in Australia. Since then, their work has been widely expanding and embraced all over Australia and New Zealand, being featured in such high end businesses as Louis Vuitton, H & M, Hilton Hotel, and BVLGARI. Since the inception of these techniques and finishes by Trevor and his team, there has been a market explosion in Australia as several other application companies and even manufacturers have sprang up!

In 2016, Trevor relocated back to the Vancouver, British Columbia area. Finding that almost none of the tools and materials he required to offer Venetian plaster were available, he began researching where they may be obtained. Already having connections in France, Italy, and the U.S., he was excited to find that just south of the border in Washington, Oregon and especially in California, a Venetian plaster movement has been growing with great momentum. By networking with several sources for innovative, quality products, Trevor was able to find everything he needs to provide 5 STAR FINISHES to clients in the Vancouver area and elsewhere across the nation.

A virtually infinite palate of surfaces, textures, and application opportunities are now available to you. Each finish is detailed according to your specific requirements and design plans. Crafting your own vision without limitations, you will certainly have surfaces that others have only dreamed of. We love what we do and want to offer the best to you. Where 5 STAR FINISHES is concerned, paint is just the beginning...