Concrete Feature Walls and Benches For Shopfront In East Van

A Renovation company is opening a shopfront beside Playland and wanted to build some bench seating in wood and make it look like concrete matching two feature walls we would also be designing. The finish was determined to be best made with a hydraulic lime with a heavy marble grain, and then to add lines …

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OMEGA watches

OMEGA watches required one of their display walls in Hotel Vancouver to be re-plastered after a small renovation. Panther Group kindly asked us to do the work for them, and supply the special materials required. We imported product from Armourcoat in Las Vegas, who originally supplied the materials for this store, and worked over a …

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Bespoke Black Marmorino with Black Mica

Bikram Yoga Metrotown needed the back hall of their studio refinished and waterproofed. The walls had hundreds of holes everywhere, drywall was missing, and the bottom required waterproofing with red guard waterproofing and fiberglass mesh. The walls were primed first, and then finished to a level 4 finish with drywall compounds. They were sanded and …

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