Exterior Stucco Vancouver

The exterior of any home now can be easily and effectively clad in beautiful lime plaster right from the scratch and brown coat. There is no need to use cement based products, and every advantage is provided to those who choose a lime based stucco over cement or acrylic. If your wondering what the advantages are please have a look at out advantages of lime section on the website. 

Vasari Plaster and Stucco is a company that makes a modified version of hydraulic lime that is far easier to work with and is still zero VOC and a green product. This product is simply mixed with three or four parts plaster sand and water to form a beautiful mortar that can be spread across expanded metal lathe, or any suitable surface typical of your region. The only system i would not recommend this for is EIFS, as the lime is too alkaline for the foam. EIFS, cement and acrylic systems are all failing in Vancouver and abroad due to their inability to allow the exchange of air and moisture. Any moisture that becomes trapped in or behind your wall starts to rot your home, and or push off and crack your stucco and paint. Lime based stucco has been around for thousands of years, and is vapor permeable, allowing any moisture to quickly leave the product when it gets a chance.

Your walls can last many of years with this system, and Vasari provides a 10 year warranty on their product installed in bathrooms shower stalls and exterior wet areas. Subsequent coats of other more refined Venetian Plasters can be applied to provide thousands of looks for your home. 

If your home is already stucco, glass, or rock dash etc we can simply go over the old finish and cover it up. There are many options available due to lime’s innate ability to adhere to surfaces, and its amazing flexibility. Almost any surface on your exterior can be changed and redone now without using paint or VOC. 

With Venetian Plaster paint is just the beginning…

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