Meoded’s Lime Plasters are easy to use, eco friendly, authentic, lime-based, zero VOC liquid plasters. They have four types of Lime Plasters: Stucco Lamundo, Tonachino Firenze, Marmorino Tintoretto, and Marmorino Palladino. Stucco Lamundo is an indoor Venetian plaster that features easy application and exceptional durability. The tint-able paste produces a highly polished, marble-like finish on most interior surfaces. The Marmorino Tintoretto is a flat finish Venetian plaster suitable for interior and exterior applications. Their Tonachino Firenze Lime Plaster is a Venetian plaster that has an authentic “Old World” sand finish. Marmorino Palladino has a large marble grain and is best for creating stone and other creative finishes.

USA Leed Certified Low VOC Manufacturer
All Meoded decorative and faux finish products are made in-house under strict low VOC guidelines because they care about the environment and health of their customers. Being eco-friendly means sticking to formulas composed mostly of natural materials that are safe for living spaces and the environment without harmful side effects.
Meoded is  a manufacturer of authentic lime based low VOC plaster along with a full line of decorative metallic, glitter and suede paints. Manufacturing their own products in-house gives them the means to experiment with new products that offer vibrant colors and textures that stand the test of time.
For example their lime-based Italian plasters can be mixed with additives like glitter and metallic paints. They can be sculpted to form textures that move and flow, offering a non-static dynamic to walls that standard paints cannot achieve.
Working with designers across the globe, they are constantly modifying their materials to define the elegance of their customers’ tastes.
Manufacturing their own products in-house means that they are able to experiment with their ideas to create unique paint and faux finish products that stand the test of time. Making their own products gives them the liberty to be creative in their approach in designing specialty plasters that are sophisticated and elegant. For example their lime-based Italian plaster brings a Greco-Roman elegance to any project by turning interior and exterior walls and ceilings into true works of art.

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