3M Stainless Steel Venetian Plaster Spatula


3M Stainless Steel Venetian Plaster Spatula

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Quick Overview

Stainless steel Venetian plaster spatula for polishing Venetian stucco and lime products. Rounded angles, milled blade edge, mirror polished blade.. Special steel welded trowels. Top ergonomics for the widest variety of jobs. Flexibility and toughness guaranteed under all working conditions. Assembly by welding is tested rigorously for load bearing and x-rayed for perfect joining. An exclusive lip process ensure the perfect apllication and the quality of the final polishing operation



Blade thicknes 0.6 mm – Flexible

Trapezoid Shape – Rounded edges

Flexible Stainless Steel – Softer Touch

Sinthesi – Robber handle

Hand made tools in Italy