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Quick Overview

Golmex plaster is a high quality Portland cement composed of lime, graded silica sand and admixtures to create the appearance of polished concrete on interior and exterior well surfaces.

Meoded’s pre-mixed dry powder substrate is formulated for superb adhesion, workability and durability. A wide range of interior and exterior textures can be achieved with Golmex; including the natural look of concrete and textured designer wall finishes from the hands of a skilled plasterer.





Use a stainless steel trowel or a spatula to apply the two coats of Golmex.

Surface Preparation:

Surface should be clean, dust and oil free.

Any surface with sheen should be sanded, then prime the surface with multi-purpose primer and let it dry fully. Next apply one coat of Meoded Quartz Primer allowing it to dry for 3 to 5 hours. Preparation of flat surface requires the application of Meoded Quartz Primer only.

New Drywall:

Prime drywall substrate with PVA acrylic primer and let it dry fully. Next, apply one coat of Meoded Quartz Primer, allowing it 3 to 5 hours to dry.

Exterior Brown Coat:

Surface should first be pressure washed and cleaned. When the surface is fully dry, apply Meoded Quartz Primer diluted up to 30% water. Let it dry for at least 3 to 5 hours. It is recommended to apply three thin coats of Golmex plaster over the brown coat to achieve a smooth surface.

First Coat:

Golmex should be applied thinly and evenly, covering the entire wall. It is recommended to use a damp sponge in a circular motion over the surface while the first coat is still tacky to raise the grain and make the surface more even. Allow at least 12 hours for the first coat to dry.

Second Coat:

Apply the second coat just like the first, making sure to cover the entire surface. Before the material is dry, use the trowel to gently compress the surface to make it smooth, keeping in mind the more you compress, the smoother the surface. Because of the extended dry time of the Golmex formula, you can create different texture effects during the second coat. For a smoother finish, you can sand the second coat after at least 24 hours.

Special Effects:

To enhance the rich appearance of Golmex, glazing and sculpturing effects can be applied using standard plastering tools.

Sealing and Clean Up:

Seal the surface after a minimum of 48 hours of dry time, clean up with warm water and avoid letting spillage to dry.


Store material in a dry and dark place, void of humidity, protected against damage from weather and direct sunlight. Use within 10 months of production.


Mix 5 gallons (50 lbs) of Golmex powder with approximately 1.5 gallons (192oz) of clean water.


Depending on surface conditions, a 5 gallon container (50 lbs) of Golmex will cover between 80 to 140 sq. ft. up to an 1/8″ thickness with two coats.


Golmex plaster comes in a standard cement gray color that can be custom tinted to darker shades with any universal and powder colorants. It can also be glazed with Meoded’s Velature Glaze, a color wash that provides a semi-transparent finish.