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    Feature Walls

    Create a feature wall that’s one of a kind and will enhance any environment. Your business or home will be set apart from others with an attention-catching wall that portrays your image perfectly.

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    Custom Ceilings, Curved Domes, Insets, and Columns

    Take the opportunity to have perfect ceilings that do not show plaster joint lines or flash, even under harsh lighting conditions. Wrap curves and columns in stunning arrays of plaster that creates the illusion of solid marble stone. Choose a level 5 finish or high end lime plaster over new cement ceilings in high rise buildings or condos.

  • Bathrooms/Powder Rooms

    Your best choice for any wet and humid areas, due to lime’s high pH (12.4), durability, breathability, and mold/ mildew resistance. Wow your guests or clients with your stunning powder rooms, washrooms, or change rooms.

  • Interior Walls

    Create custom finishes over almost any internal wall substrate, new or old. All our finishes are seamless, strong, elegant and durable. They will exude an ambiance which paint lacks, presenting an aura of prestige.

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    Exterior Finishes

    Why settle for stucco or paint, when you can choose from unlimited textures, colors and sheens on the exterior of your buildings. Turn your bricks into masterpieces and stucco into marble. Create unique pool feature walls, entrance fencing, or update just about anything that can be painted or plastered – and even things you thought couldn’t be.

  • Kitchen Backsplash/Tile Refinishing

    Our plasters can replace your kitchen tiles, or refinish old tiles in any style you like, free from unsightly joint lines.

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    Choose lime-based plaster to finish your new fireplace, as a beautiful alternative to tiles or bricks. Create unparalleled seamless elegance that can be easily installed. If your older fireplace needs updating, we can resurface it entirely with our unique refinishing systems.

  • Front Desks

    Make a statement at your business with an impressive reception desk, customized with unique layers of plaster.

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    Ornamental Moldings

    Design finishes to cover your decorative moldings, turning wood and gypsum into marble masterpieces.

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    Other Ideas

    Refinish cabinet doors, bar fronts, laminates, ceiling tiles or new ecofriendly hebel kitchen or home wares.