Conscientious Approach

When we speak with our clients and help envision their projects, we treat it as though it is our own home or business. Each and every project is given the attention to detail it deserves.


Latest Contemporary Finishes

We are providing finishes for our generation, our families, our businesses. They are seamless, elegant, and current. We only work with the finest paints, plasters, and additives - never cutting corners or settling for lesser quality materials. The latest technology and most sought after finishes are carefully selected to ensure every project is as contemporary and functional as possible.



All of our plasters and paints are either zero voc or low voc. By combining old world finishes with new technologies, a harmony of beauty and dependability is now available in contemporary eco-friendly finishes. With 5 Star Finishes you get the best finishes with the least impact on our environment.


Longevity and Dependability

Limestone plaster has been used across the ages and is the most reliable and steadfast of designer products in the industry. Leading manufacturers, over decades of research and development, have produced unparalleled plasters and paints for today's consumers. These products have withstood the test of time as proven in Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel and even the Egyptian pyramids!


Client Relationships

Our focus is centered on client satisfaction. If you are not pleased, we are not finished. We will strive to be available, attentive and supportive so that you always feel heard and involved at each step.



Having strong relationships with companies in the United States and Europe, we are importing many custom materials and tools not readily available in Canada. We also provide full sales representative information to those wishing to use these products on their own. We are happy to provide on-site training on how to create your own 5 Star Finishes!