Novacolor Wall2Floor Decorative Flooring Over Tiles

This floor was installed over old tiles to create the look of limestone tiles. Instead of requiring a huge budget to remove all the tiles and undergo a large renovation, we suggested resurfacing the old tiles with a new product from Italy. These products allow you to completely cover the existing tiles and create a wide range of finishes for residential and commercial areas including back-splash areas, counter-tops and even shower stall floors and walls. Its one of the most versatile products around, and can effectively help to update almost any space. 

This floor was a fraction of the cost of installing new tiles and we even taped out all the joint-lines as per an architectural layout for the grid system. The bottom layer of plaster was lighter, and the top coat was overlaid onto the taped lines so when we pulled the tape off, it was a grid system as if it were tiled. Two contrasting plaster colors were used to create interest and a more mottled effect resulting in a beautiful grey marble finish. This system is primarily however meant to be seamless, and does not require joint lines. 

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