Shop BURB Custom Slap Dash and Marrakech

This new Canibus shop, Shop BURB, in Port Coquitlam, is absolutely stunning, and has some very elegant and old world finishes. Behind the bud bar and their check out stands a 500 sq ft feature wall with custom quotes of the day, and a beautiful wood panel ceiling. The designer asked us to apply a product called Marrakech made by Pure and Original Paints in Bone white. The hand made tiles on the other side of the store are also made in Marrakech and tied the theme together perfectly. We applied two coats of Marrakech, and sealed it with coconut soap. We only burnished the wall once it was dry but used the soap to re-activate the plaster and produce a very unique shimmer. 

The other side of the store has a huge double sided feature wall, with moss hanging down, as well as a beautiful curved entry. This finish was inspired from the ancient slap dash technique using lime and sand to create a very heavy texture. over 2000lbs of lime and sand was applied with the final coat being thrown on with a slap dash brush. The walls were left to dry over time and checked with a moisture meter before being painted. This finish really works well with the overall design and I cant imagine the store without it. A note of caution, please ensure you apply the right primers to sustain the weight of the plaster, and also ensure you know what polymers to add to your lime to facilitate the strength and inter-coat bonding required. 

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