Archi + Concrete

Venetian Lime Plaster Muji Richmond

Muji Richmond just had their new grand opening and asked us to install their special wall finish we created for them two years ago, for their store in Metrotown. We have worked on both their original store in Metrotown, as well as their newest expansion there, and now have just completed 1800 sq ft of …

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Shop BURB Custom Slap Dash and Marrakech

This new Canibus shop, Shop BURB, in Port Coquitlam, is absolutely stunning, and has some very elegant and old world finishes. Behind the bud bar and their check out stands a 500 sq ft feature wall with custom quotes of the day, and a beautiful wood panel ceiling. The designer asked us to apply a …

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Concrete Overlay Fireplace

This fireplace is a combination of 50% hydraulic lime and coarse marble, and 50% white cement and coarse marble, along with a tint additive to create the concrete color. This particular product creates little air holes in the finish, has a stamped overlay after an initial full wall application, and has a very light compression …

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