What makes a 5 star finish?

We at 5 Star Finishes want to help you create the designer finish you are looking for. We know how to best apply decorative paints and lime plasters in a contemporary setting, by ensuring each component of your project is carefully planned and well managed. We love what we do and want to offer the best to you! Where 5 Star Finishes is concerned, paint is just the beginning...


Initial Consultation

You will be met with our keen interest to understand your vision and the project needs in their entirety. You will be presented with options and ideas to assist you in choosing the right finish for you.

Planning and Strategy

Whether the project is large or small, simple or complex, every preparatory measure will be thoughtfully arranged to ensure a high quality install. All materials, binders, additives and finishes will be hand selected with the aim to achieve perfect harmony.

Design and Development

The plasters, paints, shades of color, pearlescence, stencils, and glazing are conscientiously brought together to bring your vision to life. Several custom sample boards are made to your specifications, each with their unique application method

Application and Final Touches

After you have approved the samples, our team will seamlessly install and apply all finishes. The final glazes, waxes, polishing and buffing will ensure that your project is a 5 Star Finish!

our products

Authentic lime plasters and decorative paints

Concrete Finish

Golmex Plaster is a concrete finish that is a hydrated lime and polymer concrete mix. Designers and contractors have been asking for a concrete mix that can be applied in the same manner as plaster for unique industrial finishing effects. Meoded answered their call with a specially formulated substrate that offers superior adhesion, workability and durability. The concrete finish comes packaged as a 5 gallon dry powder mixture that you simply add water to. With real cement inside, it gives you the concrete finish you’re looking for. Depending on surface conditions, you can expect an average wall coverage of 80 to 125 square feet when applied with a 1/16th” thickness. Economical and the perfect faux cement alternative to cast concrete.

Decorative Paints

Meoded's decorative paints are visually stunning and aesthetically pleasing, with textures that sparkle and shine. Sapphire Metallic is a unique low VOC pearlescent paint that gives walls, metal, trim, furniture, or any other paintable surface a rich, opulent look of shimmering satin. Meoded's Crystal Brush paint brings to life interior surfaces with a sparkling texture accented by artificial and natural daylight. To complement their line of decorative paints they also created the Pearlas Velvet and Saphire Metallic lines. To push the boundaries of decorative paints, they created Cassiopeia. Check them out below!

Lime Plasters

Meoded's Lime Plasters are easy to use, eco friendly, authentic, lime-based, zero VOC liquid plasters. They have four types of Lime Plasters: Stucco Lamundo, Tonachino Firenze, Marmorino Tintoretto, and Marmorino Palladino. Stucco Lamundo is an indoor Venetian plaster that features easy application and exceptional durability. The tint-able paste produces a highly polished, marble-like finish on most interior surfaces. The Marmorino Tintoretto is a flat finish Venetian plaster suitable for interior and exterior applications. Their Tonachino Firenze Lime Plaster is a Venetian plaster that has an authentic “Old World” sand finish. Marmorino Palladino has a large marble grain and is best for creating stone and other creative finishes. USA Leed Certified Low VOC Manufacturer All Meoded decorative and faux finish products are made in-house under strict low VOC guidelines because they care about the environment and health of their customers. Being eco-friendly means sticking to formulas composed mostly of natural materials that are safe for living spaces and the environment without harmful side effects. Meoded is  a manufacturer of authentic lime based low VOC plaster along with a full line of decorative metallic, glitter and suede paints. Manufacturing their own products in-house gives them the means to experiment with new products that offer vibrant colors and textures that stand the test of time. For example their lime-based Italian plasters can be mixed with additives like glitter and metallic paints. They can be sculpted to form textures that move and flow, offering a non-static dynamic to walls that standard paints cannot achieve. Working with designers across the globe, they are constantly modifying their materials to define the elegance of their customers' tastes. Manufacturing their own products in-house means that they are able to experiment with their ideas to create unique paint and faux finish products that stand the test of time. Making their own products gives them the liberty to be creative in their approach in designing specialty plasters that are sophisticated and elegant. For example their lime-based Italian plaster brings a Greco-Roman elegance to any project by turning interior and exterior walls and ceilings into true works of art.


Meoded's Quartz Eco Primer is one of the finest water based acrylic primers on the market for decorative wall painting. They developed Quartz Eco Primer to be used with Meoded interior and exterior decorative plasters. Their formula is constructed so that it can be layered to correct flawed and uneven surfaces while providing superior bonding for their plaster products. Meoded Velvet Base is a specialty undercoat designed to be used exclusively with Pearlas Velvet decorative metallic finish. They developed their eco primer to do the job effectively and economically, so that you obtain the ideal finish from their plasters and paints with every application.


We at 5 STAR FINISHES know how to provide you with exactly what tools you will need based on the size, color and texture of your project. We will give estimates on how many of each trowel will be required, or any specialty tools you may need to produce a certain finish.

Top Coating

With top coatings, it’s important to use a product that will last. Meoded offers four top coating products to preserve the finish texture of your project. Their Velature Glaze is water-dilutable and 100% acrylic. Specialty formulated with the highest levels of UV absorbers and inhibitors, Velature is a great protector against aggressive agents of sun and weather. To protect your interior wall finish while enhancing its beautiful sheen, they developed their water based HydroWax finishing wax. This hydrowax is the ultimate sealer for both lime and acrylic based products. All of their topcoat products provide superior faux finish protection, so that the investment in your project will stand the test of time.

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