Venetial plaster in North Vancouver at Bufala Restaurant - Commercial Interior Venetian Plaster

Bufala Restaurant in North Van

This project is located in North Van, and was designed by CM Studios. The interior design is stark lighting, beautiful dark wood panels throughout, and a creamy gray plaster with a horizontal drag. I have been asked many times since this project about the drag finish, and we recently did a professional photo shoot at Bufala to really show off the finish.

The project still looked beautiful and the plaster did not have any damage. This was a custom project, and we developed a plaster that would create the desired look for the designers.

The resulting plaster is now part of our VP satin series called Carrara and is a beautiful mixture of lime, cement, coarse crushed marble and special additives.

The trick to this system is using a thinner less absorbent plaster, so the plaster stays wet longer to create the drag effect. A lot of people would think to just follow the same trend of base and top coat with the same plaster, but in many of my projects, I use this trick to ensure a seamless install.

The drag was created with two different hair combs, as the radius on the columns was small, and required a hair pick to achieve the right drag. The plaster cant be dragged in different sections, or stopped and started anywhere, so they were all taped to paint poles and dragged using laser levels top to bottom in one continuous movement. The plaster was later sealed with our high quality penetrating sealer.

Here’s where to buy the penetrating sealer>>

Here’s where to buy the Carerra plaster>>

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