The latest global trend in floor and bathroom design is Microcement, which is thinner than a polished concrete overlay, and significantly lighter than most other options.  Microcement appeared and became very popular in France when Dimitri Koubi began applying it in 2008 under the name “Beton Cire”, meaning waxed concrete.

Microcement is the strongest and most versatile option for your company’s brand

Microcement is laid 2-4 mm thick, is waterproof, impact resistant, and easy to clean.  As a continuous coating, there are no joint lines that can harbor debris (dirt, bacteria) like a tile grout line.  A non-slip aggregate on the sealer coat may also be applied.  This plaster can overlay tiles, so long as they are secured to their substrate. This provides an easy method of changing flooring or a bathroom area without demolition.  The overlays are designed to be used on horizontal and vertical areas, both inside and outside, and can adhere to most existing substrates, as well as new wood, cement board, terrazzo, marble, concrete, stone, etc.  Strong and versatile, we have used it in on floors, columns, feature walls,  bathroom stalls, fireplaces, backsplashes, and other special features in businesses and homes.  Using design patterns (tape, custom stencils, etc) we can create an impressive, durable and unique brand image in a floor or on a feature wall. 

 Overlay materials designed for Microcement can be modified to allow a thicker application on a wall, which may be stamped or carved to create stone-looking textures or popular board-form concrete finishes.  After the product is dry, it can be colored with specialty wall stains, pearl pigments, and colored, pearl, or clear sealers.

Venetial plaster, Microcement in North Van at Bufala Restaurant - Commercial Interior Venetian Plaster

We are now working with three different Microcement products, each offering a different look and varying degrees of strength.  One product is formulated to withstand cars driving on it, while our own formulation is the most customizable.  Since we began working with Microcement in 2016, we have come to believe it is the most versatile product on the market

5500 Psi 100%
Performance Based 50%
100% waterproof 100%

Up to Seven Layers with Sealers


Cost sq ft

$ 15-25 / sq ft
  • Custom Floors
  • Decorative walls
  • Columns
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