Interior and exterior decorative paint and plaster

We provide a full range of decorative paint and plaster services for all our residential and commercial clients.

  • Metallic paints / glazes
  • Pearlescent velvet hand trowelled paints
  • Crystal brush / polycarbonate flake finishes
  • Stucco (highest polish)
  • Marmorino (varying marble aggregates)
  • Tonachino / sand finish
  • Tadelakt (Moroccoan Hydraulic Lime Technique)
  • Lime renders (varying strengths of hydraulic lime mixes)
  • Sgraffito (lime carving)
  • Stencils inlaid / overlaid
  • Refinishing of floor, countertop and bathroom wall tiles etc. (Novacolor wall2floor)
  • Lime wash 
  • Stucco (scratch and brown modified hydraulic lime)

Level 5 drywall finishes

Most luxury builders, architects and interior designers specify level 5 finishes. In any business or home environment you will have areas of critical lighting conditions, revealing all the plaster joint lines that are a dissimilar surface to your drywall board.  Level 5 finishing can be done over pre- existing painted walls, new construction cement or drywall, following the removal of wallpaper, or to cover up texture walls or ceilings. We pride ourselves on doing everything by hand and all plaster will be applied with a trowel and hawk.


Color consultation and custom designs

Any color from Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams can be mixed in Venetian plaster. Custom colors and glazing or pearlescent concepts can be discussed and also incorporated according to the time, place, and circumstance. The combining of textures, sheens and subtle shades are well known to us from years of experience in the industry and working closely with designers and architects. We can advise you of popular colors, themes, and plaster/paint combinations which been the most successful with other home and business owners.

Almost any idea or concept will be brought to light though careful consideration of where the plasters and paints will be applied, and what the overall desired effect will be. Small-scale samples will be made for analysis and further customization from our clients before the application stage.


Sales distribution, support and training

Any of the products we work with are also available for resale to the end user, or other applicators wishing to do the install themselves. With a great deal of experience in working with and helping others to work with these products, we are very happy to provide any customer support you require. Most of the products are not readily available in Canada, and we will strive to supply you with everything you require in a timely fashion. We provide full sale support info for all our products and will do on site training, seminars, etc outlining how to create your own 5 Star