Archi + Concrete Feature Column Exterior Entryway

When we first saw this project, the one column was twisted, cracked and falling apart. The stucco needed serious repairs, and since we would already have to do a lot of work to repair the columns, we asked if they would be interested in an overlay system to create a feature for the house. They loved the idea and soon had picked a product from our large array of sample boards. 

The column that required repairs was ground down, primed with concrete primer, and an exterior flexible tile adhesive was applied to embed an EIFS fiberglass mesh that wrapped around the entire column. We then applied quartz primer to the entire column, then one coat of Vasari Hydraulic exterior grade stucco, and one coat of Novacolor Archi + Concrete. The finish was made to look very rough, with stamped and dragged textures. The plaster itself was tinted very light, in order to reveal the texture beneath with a darker glaze. To finish the project we sealed the plaster with one coat of water based invisible penetrating sealer. 

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