Fireplace Resurfacing In North Vancouver

A Designer had a fireplace that had large format tiles and aluminum trim on the edges. It did not suit the house despite being a brand new home, and was put together very poorly. Within a week the fireplace had been completely covered over and transformed into a new seamless concrete look fireplace with new corners and a designer look. 

This project utilized components of the Wall2floor system from Italy for its base coats, and then another Italian product called Archi + Concrete which is a white base color cementitous decorative coating. We tinted the plaster to a similar shade as the colored glaze to ensure there was not too much contrast. The final coat of plaster when dry is glazed twice with two different colors of an exterior grade velature glaze, and then finally sealed with three coats of penetrating stone sealer to ensure maximum protection against heat, dirt, soot and grime. 

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