Concrete Overlay for Large Stone Fireplace

This was a challenging job as the one fireplace upstairs had huge stones and protrusions that would make it harder to cover with plaster. We designed a system of covering this fireplace using reinforced EIFS fiberglass corner beads, EIFS Mesh, a special cement and glue primer, as well as a lime and sand basecoat, cement marmorino and Novacolor wall2floor.  The end result is pretty stunning, and it only took around 7 trips to complete this project. The final color is a pale gray and was sealed with a satin two component polyurethane. We also applied it to the slate tiles on the floor to help create a unified look. 

the fireplace downstairs was also redone but was much easier due to the stones being set evenly. this was done the same way but has a carrera lime and marble finish coat and was sealed with a penetrating sealer.

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