Custom Black Marmorino Doorway

This doorway was in dire need of some care and attention. It has no shelter from the rain, and all the paint was peeling, with the wood being wet and falling apart beneath. We stripped as much of the paint off as was possible allowing the wood to breath and dry out. Everything was nailed back together, and sealed up with caulk and a waterproof membrane emulsion. Finally quartz eco primer was applied and two coats of black marmorino tintoretto was troweled on. This finish also used black mica, and was sealed up with a soap solution containing coconut and olive oil. 

The inside will soon get a coat of hydrowax for more shine, an the exterior will most likely have carnuba wax applied to further help with moisture and add a beautiful lustre to everything. Another option is your exterior plaster can be sealed with a non film forming penetrating sealer and left, or an exterior wax could also then be added. 

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