Bespoke Black Marmorino with Black Mica

Bikram Yoga Metrotown needed the back hall of their studio refinished and waterproofed. The walls had hundreds of holes everywhere, drywall was missing, and the bottom required waterproofing with red guard waterproofing and fiberglass mesh. The walls were primed first, and then finished to a level 4 finish with drywall compounds. They were sanded and primed with a black quartz eco primer. the back walls were painted with benjamin moore regal paint, and the other walls were finished with a bespoke marmorino tintoretto and black mica additive. The black mica was also thrown on the wet plaster as it was being applied and allowed to dry enough so the wall could be polished with a steel trowel leaving the mica set into the plaster.

After the walls were dry a mixture of water, pure coconut and olive oil soap was rubbed into the walls and ragged off for more lustre, strength and durability. The soap reacts with the lime to form a more waterproof layer on the top of the plaster’s matrix, and also facilitates more carbon dioxide to be drawn into the plaster to re-create the natural limestone as it further dries.

after five days of drying, the plaster walls were waxed with hydrowax and buffed to a high shine. This is a waterproof and breathable wax that will protect thus finish for years to come.

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