Meoded Stucco Lamundo Venetian Plaster

Purple Venetian Plaster

Hot Yoga New West asked us to change their orange entrance walls, and help their re-branding to reflect a mood of contentment and gratitude. We decided on using Meoded’s Stucco Lamundo high gloss lime based finish, with a deep purple tint. The finish has three coats all hand applied and polished with steel wool, plastic and steel trowels. Meoded’s Hydrowax was tinted purple also and applied to help deepen the color and create an even polish. We love using extra fine steel wool and micro fiber for the final polish.

We are currently designing a black marmorino skip trowel finish with black mica for the door entrance. The doorway is in bad shape and the wood is weathered badly. We will sand, prep and fill all the wood, then apply a high quality primer, following with an elastomeric paint and finally our Quartz Eco primer. A coat of Golmex micro cement plaster will then be applied before a coat of  blackTonachino Firenze, and lastly a black Marmorino Tintoretto with black mica flake added and all hand polished with plastic bags. Stay tuned for the photos!  


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