House of Funk

The House of Funk Brewery was designed by Cutler Design firm, and they went above and beyond to ensure that the theme of the new Brewery was fully exploited. From antique frosted mirrors, to technicolor tinting, graffiti art rock walls and industrial concrete overlays, they didn’t miss an opportunity to ensure this space was the best it could be. 

We were specifically asked to cover over the brand new rock wall they installed, with a fade of light to dark gray plaster and then fill in a special area to the left to a smooth finish for the artist to paint over later. This took a lot of planning and design on both our parts to create the vision, colors, textures, etc. We left some rocks exposed, and had a couple reviews of the project along the way to ensure we got the effect just right. The rocks were very large and uneven and it took quite an effort to cover them over and create the desired effect. 

The concrete overlay was chosen from an existing sample we had, and it is a stamped and rough concrete sample that is slightly smoothed down when its almost dry. The overlay helps to accent the bar area creating an industrial feel, and even extends around the corner towards the bathrooms. 

This is certainly one of my favorite projects of the year so far. 

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