Muji Metrotown Store

Everyone in Metrotown was excited to see Muji finally open their new store in the mall this summer. They are a very popular brand from Japan and are familiar with lime plasters and how their natural ingredients can enhance commercial spaces. This plaster is originally called Shikkui, which is an ecological non toxic plaster made from reprocessed eggshells. We decided it was easier and more carbon efficient to recreate the ‘sandy’ wall finish they desired with western materials we have here in Canada. 

We used varying sands from different specialty shops, straw for the decorative overlay effect, and Vasari Plaster and Stucco’s Natural Lime based hydraulic Stucco typically used on exteriors of homes instead of cement and or acrylic stucco. With this combination we were able to re-create the finish Muji uses in their Japanese locations and reduced the carbon footprint drastically. 

If your Business or Home needs a custom finish please don’t hesitate to give us a call and we would be more than happy to provide a free consult regarding your project. 

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