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There has been a lot of work done since the 1980’s when people started to rediscover lime based Venetian plasters. Most of the formulas and knowledge of application were lost; however, a few companies over the years have provided many new and old world products along with a wealth of instruction on how to use them. 

There are currently three companies that we work with and we offer their full lines of products as well as install and gain inspiration from their Youtube videos. It is difficult to sometimes show people all the finishes that we offer, so I figured a blog post with links to videos showing the finishes themselves would be beneficial. 

We currently are working with Meoded Paint and Plaster, Novacolor Italy (Fierenzecolor) and Vasari Plaster and Stucco. Between these three companies we have an expansive list of products and unlimited finishes for every area of your home or business inside and out. Each manufacturer has an extensive line of videos that may help you to choose your next finish. If there is a product we require to do your next project we always will source and import whatever is required.

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