Veneziano Shower Stall

Our client wanted to update this bathroom, located in downtown Vancouver, at the Hotel le Soleil.  His vision was for the shower to appear like a single piece of marble, and for the floor to be contemporary and contrasting,  The shower stall and tiles were in good shape, so there was no need to rip out the walls and start fresh.

We started by making some designs based on a photo from the client, and then proceeded to further create an install plan around the sample finish. In this particular case the client wanted the Veneziano finish, which has no marble grain whatsoever, and is composed entirely of marble powder and slaked lime.

Our system to overlay the tiles took one week, plus a week of dry time before sealing and waxing the shower stall. We used Novacolor’s wall 2 floor system, as well as Vasari plaster’s Stucco, Marmorino and Veneziano products. The shower has three different colored plasters, and multi layers of each of the colors to create contrasts and natural undertones. The shower and black floor were sealed with invisible impregnating sealers, and the shower was polished with a pure Carnuba floor wax for extra durability and shine. 


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