New Starbucks with Decorative Concrete Walls

A new Starbucks in Surrey recently opened, and we had the pleasure of being a part of their new branding and modern look. Instead of using paint or tiles, they decided to use our concrete finish plaster, that mimics the look of polished concrete on their walls. The finish was then enhanced with various soaps to age it and change its color, and finally a wax and polish was done with a makita cut polisher. 

Our concrete plasters can be made using grey or white cement as the binder, marble powder, silica sands, and or marble aggregates to change the color, texture and sheen of the product. If we mix lime with the cement as a we can further brighten up the plaster to give a more washed out appearance. There is no limit to the looks and mixture styles. We always strive to make every project one of a kind and try our best to produce a finish our clients love. 

 We heard great feedback from both Starbucks and Converge Construction and cant wait to help you with your next project too! 


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