Bespoke Concrete Inlaid Stencil Business Logo

We have seen the power of working with vinyl stencils in the past, and are finding that the possibilities are endless. We can design any set of stencils to cover the entire wall or just sections, including logos, images, floral scenes, etc. A graphic designer can create the entire rendering for your walls, then a vinyl company will make all the positive or negative stencils and professionally install them with perfect alignment. After the vinyl is all laid down, we apply the plaster over top, wait for it to dry, and then pull all the vinyl off the wall, leaving a beautiful pattern with crisp lines. This is the new way of doing the old world technique known as Sgraffito, where we would have to carve through the top layer to reveal the layers beneath. 

This feature wall is designed for the new Vitae Health and Sport opening this May, and they asked for a concrete looking wall with an inlaid stencil so it looks like someone has carved the logo right out of the concrete. The Inlaid tree looks absolutely stunning and they couldnt be happier. Please consider using this technique for your next company feature wall. We can make the inlaid and overlaid plaster any texture and color. 

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