Marble Stone Plaster Fireplace

There is a new system being used for fireplaces where vent kits are added to the fireplace enclosure to bring the heat up and away from the face of the fireplace and out the top of a vent located near the ceiling. There is also an option for two smaller vents to be placed on the upper sides of the fireplace. This system allows for the face of the fireplace and the adjacent plaster work to not get overheated and or stained from excessive heat and combustion. It reduces a lot of the problems associated with fireplaces, the main one, being melted televisions. We recommend this kit be added to any fireplace we install as it greatly reduces the risk of heat stains and or damage to the front face of the plaster. Even a solid slab of cement will stain with even gas fireplaces, and I have seen many, but with this venting system you are greatly reducing this risk. 

This client wanted a new fireplace in the downstairs newly rennovated livingroom, but she absolutely didn’t want to see any joint lines, ie tiles etc. Her general contractor asked us what we could do, and showed us an image of a seemless fireplace. We matched the look and color using a beautiful color called Steel wool, by Benjamin Moore, and a hydraulic lime with a coarse marble grain. The final finish was lime washed several times and worked up with a trowel to create a very authentic look.


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