Concrete Plaster Bathroom

We have been commissioned to plaster the entire downstairs of this home, including a bathroom, doors, walls  and staircase. The walls have been custom designed to look like concrete, a common industrial looks that is very trendy in Vancouver at the moment. The product is hydraulic lime, with a heavy marble sand and we are using a more green gray tint for a little warmer effect. There are two many colors we tend to use for our cement projects, and they are a green or blue gray. We can form any strength of color required, but tend to use very minimal tint to create very subtle shadings. This bathroom door has also been plastered so that we don’t have a painted door clashing with the walls. When the door is closed the entire bathroom including the ceiling creates the illusion of being inside a concrete room.

We will be completing the rest of the work here after the Holidays. We also have a very special gold and black plaster finish we have designed for the upstairs powder room that is sure to impress any guest that is entertained. 



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