Venetian Lime Plaster Muji Richmond

Muji Richmond just had their new grand opening and asked us to install their special wall finish we created for them two years ago, for their store in Metrotown. We have worked on both their original store in Metrotown, as well as their newest expansion there, and now have just completed 1800 sq ft of new walls and columns at their Richmond expansion. Our company strives to always provide the best service possible, and we really love applying our finishes as if they were in our own home. This particular project had an extremely tight deadline but we were able to finish on time. Custom plaster and paint finishes can greatly enhance your business or home, and do not take a long time to apply or hold up other trades. We work seamlessly with our contractors to ensure as each wall is built we finish it and move on to the next. 

Please go and check out one of the Muji stores and see how custom finishes like this can create a brand look for your new or existing company. We offer full custom design work, and can create a look and feel that exactly matches your business’s intention and mood. We either make our own plasters, or modify existing plasters to produce the finish our clients ask for. 

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