Custom Polished Concrete Fireplace

This fireplace was to be a feature of the living room, but the client did not want the color or finish to be too overbearing. We chose a light blue gray, and an old world style plaster with a medium polish. This plaster is lime, marble powder and fine marble grains that create a much more natural look than a traditional venetian plaster with only marble powder and lime. The fireplace was done in three coats, with the last step being a wet on wet top coat, that was burnished enough to create lights and darks. The darker areas are from the steel of the trowel leaving black marks, and this can be controlled by using different pressure and areas of the trowel.  

After the plaster fully dried, we polished the surface again with a steel trowel, then applied two coats of a penetrating sealer. As the sealer was drying, we polished the surface one last time with a Makita cut polisher with a wool bonnet. The end result is a beautiful seamless fireplace that has very subtle nuances and an eerie glow. 

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