Concrete Feature Walls and Benches For Shopfront In East Van

A Renovation company is opening a shopfront beside Playland and wanted to build some bench seating in wood and make it look like concrete matching two feature walls we would also be designing. The finish was determined to be best made with a hydraulic lime with a heavy marble grain, and then to add lines on the walls that matched 4 x 8 plywood form boards sizes. 

The finish was custom matched to a provided paint chip and applied in a way to best try and mimic random and unusual patterns found in concrete. The benches were primed with a special primer designed for wood to cement junctions and then one coat of mesh and EIFS basecoat.  Two coats of lime plaster were then applied and compressed. A final coat of penetrating sealer was applied to the walls, and a solvent based sealer was applied in two coats to the benches. 

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