Custom Multi Tone Concrete Feature Walls in North Vancouver

For this project we were asked to design some feature walls for a home in North Van that was undergoing a total renovation. The client wanted the walls to be rough to the touch, have a dragged appearance, shadings like board form concrete and colors of gray, mid gray and white. It took some time to design this finish; however after some work and modifications during the install we finally achieved exactly what the client wanted. Our company installs a lot of different finishes, and due to every finish being custom, a lot of the time we work with our clients during the process to ensure we get it just right. 

The walls were all done by hand with a small putty knife applying each 6 inch strip across the walls randomly and without any measurements. The finish is a mixture of Archi + Concrete and Meoded’s Golmex concrete look with a Z-4 Travtertine additive. The final finish was finally lime washed with a mid gray to create another dimension of depth and color, blending the entire finish into one. Finally the walls were scraped down, brushed off, and sealed for maximum durability and protection.  

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