Concrete Overlay Fireplace

This fireplace is a combination of 50% hydraulic lime and coarse marble, and 50% white cement and coarse marble, along with a tint additive to create the concrete color. This particular product creates little air holes in the finish, has a stamped overlay after an initial full wall application, and has a very light compression to bring the grain out in the plaster. This particular project had a very custom pocket door that will close into a recess in the side of the fireplace. This detail was a custom design by the client. They also asked for the fireplace opening to be streamline and not require a large frame to cover the rough opening. For this we used a black l bead set out a little to create a beautiful detail that caps the cement board to fireplace junction. After we finished our plaster work, the fireplace installer will place another small piece of metal that slides over our work with a grill to create the final look. 

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