Wall 2 Floor Tadelakt Style Countertop

This old tile counter was falling apart, had many loose or already lost tiles, and was in very bad shape. Using Novacolor’s wall 2 floor system was a quicker way of creating a Tadelakt look on this counter without the extra man hours, and with the extra protection and strength of microcement. There are benefits and draw backs of using both systems; however in this case time was a factor, and microcement dries a lot faster than thick coats of lime. 

We primed the counter first with a special aggregate enhanced paint that adheres beautifully to any type of tiled surface. Then alkaline resistant mesh was embedded over the entire counter and edges using a base coat of cement, acrylic, fibers and sand. The final coats are of a two component system made of minerals, cement, and additives to create a beautiful tadelakt looking counter. This product is used typically for commercial flooring; however is used for countertops, walls, backsplashes and bathroom shower stalls. It is also rated for exterior walkways, provided the correct water blocking priemr is used to ensure hydrostatic pressure doesn’t become an issue. A lot of installers think that these products will fail outdoors, but its usually only because of hydrostatic pressure, and Novacolor has addressed this issue by recommending all their outdoor surfaces are treated first with their recommended primer. 

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